Ottawa, ON Canada

Invoice Number INV-0002
Invoice Date 29th April 2022
Total Due $406.80

Consultancy project for the month of April 2022

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
4 Sitemap creation

Billed at 4 hours

5 DHI Video Shoot and Edit

Spent about 45 mins supporting Nitika to set up for the video shoot and almost 5 hours editing the video

1 Website update.

Updating the Attack resistant page - adding links to the menu and also including it on all products page.
Updating the FSC logo on the industry affiliate's page

1 Training Nitika on reporting AIA credit and certificate creation for Lunch & Learn
1 Answering SEO+ Questionnaire.

Surfed through the website and sitemap so as to provide appropriate answers to the questionnaire

Sub Total $360.00
GST/HST $46.80
Total Due $406.80

Make all checks payable to:

1910 Haiku Street
Nepean, ON. K2J6W8